My Walking Arsenal

I like to keep my walks simple and do not typically carry anything that won’t fit in a pocket, i.e., no backpacks or fanny packs for me. This can pose a challenge however as there are items I never leave the house without such as my cell phone. Let’s face it our Smart Phones are not exactly compact and one can be faced with the dilemma of where to put it if you don’t happen to have pockets big enough to accommodate. Before you start thinking I must be walking and chatting... let me assure you my phone is along for the ride for safety purposes and often used as a tool in the event I come up with an idea I can jot down with my stylus, or perhaps take a picture for my gallery. That being said, I also never like to be without cash, lip gloss, ibuprofen, my drivers license and depending on where we are walking to, a credit card. You never know when you will need some retail therapy!

The clothing I prefer to wear walking typically doesn’t have pocket space and this has always been a problem for me. Wearing a thin jacket will suffice, but on really warm days I then must tie around my waist which is not always that comfortable when you have stuff in the pockets. Here are a few suggestions:

1. You can buy the slim attachments that affix to your cell phone case that can accommodate your license, credit card or money.

2. There are new leggings that have slim pockets built in like these below found on Amazon. The only challenge I see with these is that in order for your cell phone to slip in and out easily you probably need to take the cover off.

3. One way I addressed this is the RunBaby running belt I purchased on Amazon which I absolutely love.

I had been looking on line for various options to solve this dilemma and thought I'd give this one a try. It is actually considered a running belt, but either way it gets the job done. Given the width of the bands closure I was expecting to not really like it, or that it may be bulky, but for the price point (the orange one was on sale for $7.99) it was worth a try. I absolutely love it – it is extremely comfortable and fits quite a bit.

The band is soft and adjustable. To test its comfort, I carried my keys, credit card, money, lip gloss and cell phone and it did not feel heavy at all. Surprisingly remained comfortable also. I can also wear it under my shirt and it does not look or feel bulky. It has a clip if you wanted to carry a water bottle and slits in the sides so you can use ear buds and connect to your phone. I did try running with it while listening to music and did not worry about anything falling out.

Cons: The openings are on both ends and fairly wide so when I do have to take something out, for instance, my phone, you could pull something else out at the same time and not notice, like your money. If you have a rubbery cover for your phone as I do, it will not slide in and out of the openings easily. While I was able to carry a lot of items, I wouldn’t recommend overloading it for that reason.

Overall Assessment – for the price this is a great find.

NOTE: Keep in mind if you are walking to a farmers market, doing a little retail therapy or a grocery store walk you will bringing one of those sacks/bags that roll up into a ball is a great idea.


It is definitely harder to get motivated to walk when it's cold outside, but no excuses remember? Even though you will warm up once you get going, you will need to dress warmer during the winter months.

Some of my tips:.

1. Your hands - Hand warmers are a great way to keep your hands warm and they slip right into your pockets. I had a cute pair given as a gift from Restoration Hardware that I loved. You can find a variety of types on Amazon.

Gloves are also a great option - If you carry a water bottle remember your hand will be exposed and be cold. They have so many varieties of gloves available to fit any need. I like extremely soft fabric with fingertip access - lots of options available. You could put your hands in your pockets, but remember depending on the type of jacket you ware wearing it may not be comfortable to walk

2. Your body - I layer clothing regardless of the season but especially in the winter. I opt for a heavier athletic jacket - I don't like to wear anything too bulky or warm as I don't want to have to carry it, so finding the right fabric it critical. A heavier legging may also be required and thicker socks.

3. Your ears - I have a headband I had purchased for the snow, but now use if it's windy or cold out during my walks. Earmuffs are also an option and come is a variety of cute styles.

6. Your neck - Don't forget your neck, especially if it is windy. I don't like my neck exposed on cold days when I'm walking. It is also not unusual for it to be windy in the area I live. Again, I would caution against wearing anything too warm as your body temp will rise. Something lightweight that can be put in a pocket if you get too warm should do the trick for scarves. A turtleneck is also a nice alternative.

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