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I don’t know about you, but working out invigorates me and makes me feel empowered. I love knowing I am doing something good for my body. I even love the exhaustion, sweat and aches that often come with a good workout. I swear I can notice the slightest of changes in my waistline after a good workout, can't you? Doesn’t it feel amazing?! Okay, that may be a stretch, but whatever keeps you motivated!

Just like you I need motivation to get there - wherever "there" is – and looking and feeling my best definitely helps my frame of mind. I like wearing cute, comfortable clothes that give me the self-confidence of feeling like a workout badass without costing me a fortune. What does that mean? Well, I still like to look good while I’m sweating! I’m not going to lie, as I peruse those pics of fit bodies and my dream physique, I am also admiring the cute outfits and style of those fitness gurus.

I do not have the luxury of spending on designer active wear so I’ve challenged myself to find the best bang for the buck without sacrificing style and quality. I’m going to share those finds with you here!

Before I do though, I want to acknowledge there is specific active wear designed for every sport and activity out there and depending on what your gig is, you may need to spend more, or obtain your clothes from a particular store. I also won’t cover athletic shoes here as the right shoe for a particular sport and correct fit is extremely important, and a topic all it’s own.

Today I’m going to keep it simple – clothes that can be worn for everyday workouts at home, walking, running, the gym, boot camp, etc.

So, what’s your style?

  • Do you prefer baggy t-shirts and sweats

  • Patterned yoga pants and cute tops

  • Tank tops and leggings

  • Bold sports bras

  • Color coordinated looks… or is all black your thing?

  • Neon perhaps? Do you like to stand out in the crowd?

  • Brand names and logos

  • Fun clothes with inspirational quotes

  • Something sexier

  • Can you only wear certain fabrics?

Great news – it doesn’t matter as there are so many options to fit every style!

We have all heard the saying, “you get what you pay for.” For some things I don’t necessarily disagree with that, but when it comes to active wear I am not disappointed with my options and wardrobe. Don’t assume that because you are paying discount prices the quality isn’t going to be there. If your sport requires it for some reason, you can definitely invest lots of $$ on good quality sportswear which may make sense for you. For me, cost is a factor and I would rather have lots of budget friendly options to mix and match my style without breaking the bank. The challenge to find cute, affordable pieces is one I readily accept!

So, let’s go shopping…

1st stop - OLD NAVY

I’ve been shopping Old Navy for years and am not disappointed. I love the fit and feel of their active wear. Today I am wearing a super soft eggplant colored hoodie with yoga pants and I could stay dressed like this forever.

What I love –

  • Good quality for the price

  • Frequent sales

  • One piece can be found in multiple colors

  • Variety of sizes

  • Lots of cool colors and coordinated pieces

  • Conveniently located (I shop the one in San Mateo)

  • The fit

My favorites:

Go-dry, slub-knit hoodie – lightweight

Online $22.94 (in store even greater discounts). Loose fitting and perfect for layering. I wear this over a tank top or t-shirt and it keeps me warm enough on cooler days and cool enough on warm days. Easy to tie around my waist if I have to take it off. Hint: I wash in cold water and air dry as they keep their soft feel and color longer.

I have it in purple, black and teal… love them all!

Yoga Pants ($15 on line) – I’ve purchased several styles and really love them all. They hold their shape and color well after repetitive washes. They are fitted, but not too tight and they have low, mid and higher rise waist lines. This is my go to for walking, as the weather tends to be on the cooler side.

Old Navy is my #1 go to store for active wear at the moment. They have styles to accommodate tall, maternity, men, women and children. They have accessories such as socks and headbands also. Check them out…

THE GAP – www.gap.com. While they are part of the same company the GAP is actually a bit more expensive than Old Navy. They carry some unique, fun active wear and do have some great sales online and in store.What I love –Fun, unique stylesQuality & priceVariety of colorsFitBonus :o)… during the holidays GapFit and Gap Body teamed up with the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation and donated 15% of the purchase price for each coral colored, Coolmax® strappy sports bra.

They had some other really fun, sexy and unique sports bras like this teal one for $19.99 on line, as well as 40% off all online orders.

TJ MAXX & MARSHALLS – www.tjmaxx.tjx.com

These stores are hit and miss depending on when you go. I always seem to notice cute active wear when I’m not looking but nevertheless you can find good deals if you have some patience. It has been said that TJ Maxx typically marks down merchandise on Wednesdays.

What I love –

  • Brand names

  • Discounted prices

  • Fitness accessories, i.e., yoga mats, kettle bells, weights, etc.

Note: Options are limited

TARGET – www.target.com

While I do shop Target for many things, I was a bit disappointed in their selection of fitness apparel this year. It was limited and actually a bit more expensive for the quality than the other options listed above.

Check out their online sale for active wear going on now. According to Target’s in store discount schedule, women’s clothing goes on sale Tuesdays https://www.allthingstarget.com/markdown-schedule.

FABLETICS - I just placed my first order with Fabletics – the one in the picture. I love it and cannot wait to wear it as it has been a little too cold for sleeveless tops.

You do have to become a VIP member, however this is not uncommon. I have signed up for a variety of online services (including Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty, yes, it’s true) and they all require a credit card on file and have an auto fulfillment process for future orders. This gets you in their system and schedules monthly shipments automatically unless you cancel. Did you hear that part?? You MUST cancel by the 5th of the month to prevent your full priced monthly charge and auto shipment of your next order.

I gave in to a $10 intro VIP offer and ordered a cute outfit that looked super comfy which out the door cost me $14.95 (incl tax and shipping). I figured that was a pretty small investment to be able to check it out for myself. I will post a follow-up to discuss fit and quality, as well as the ease of cancelling.

ADORE ME – https://www.adoreme.com

I’m sure you’ve all seen the commercials for the affordable lingerie website Adore Me. I have wanted to check them out for a while and when I did I discovered they also sell active wear. I have yet to purchase any, but will give it a try so I can expand my options and satisfy my curiosity. May have to throw in some lingerie!

At a glance – lots of affordable options in a variety of colors and styles. I did have to sign up with an email address to access the website, however did not have to provide credit card or any other info.


LULULEMON – I have not purchased here so cannot compare quality, but by looking at their website, you will be spending more for less. The sale items were reasonably priced but regularly priced items can run from $58 to over $100 depending on the item.

ZULILY – required a signup with an e-mail and I wasn’t up for that.

I used to shop Sports Authority before they went out of business. I love the Asics pullover tops with the thumb holes and own a few different colors. Just about every store sells some type of active wear today - Macy’s, JC Penny, Forever 21, Ross, to name a few. Not to mention sporting goods stores. You may prefer to shop only online, or have a convenient go to store. Endless options at your finger tips... so find what works for you!

I hope these resources help you find some great bargains on awesome active wear so you can look and feel your best – you deserve it!

Till next time,


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