What to wear?​

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It doesn't hurt to look good while you are working out.  Whether it's walking, boot camp, running, etc., there is clothing designed just for you.  However, the cost to look good for a fitness wardrobe can be a little steep depending on your preference and activity.  And, of course, fit and comfort are really important.  I prefer budget friendly workout wear which allows me to have a lot of items to mix and match without breaking the bank.   Once I find something I like I also buy in multiple colors if the price is right! 

These days you can find active wear just about anywhere.  Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Target are a few of my regular stops for fitness accessories and clothing.  Then you have your department stores like Macy's and Nordstrom who also have some really stylish active wear.  Almost forgot to mention the Gap!  I recently found great sports bras at Forever 21!  


While one of my all time budget friendly fitness clothing resources is Old Navy I am going to try a variety of options at a various price points and talk about them here.  I will provide honest feedback about the quantity, quality, process of ordering if buying online, etc. but remember, these are just my opinions based on my experience and preferences.  Hope you find some great buys!

Old Navy


Purple Go-Dry Hoodie

This is my favorite top from Old Navy.  The regular price is $22.94, however certain colors are always on sale anywhere from $10.97 - $16.00 on line or in the store.  The outlets have great deals also.

They are comfortable, loose fitting and come in great colors.  They can also be worn over a tank or t-shirt which is great when the weather is warmer.  If it gets too warm I can easily tie around my waist.  


I prefer to wash and air dry as the color and fabric last longer.  

Old Navy

$9.97 - $14.00

Black yoga pants

Comfortable yoga pants.  Great fit and quality for the price!  

Fabletics - Slater

Two pieces

I have been eyeing the Fabletics activewear for some time so couldn't pass up an opportunity to purchase an outfit at a discounted VIP price of $10 (for 2 pieces!).  I ordered this exact outfit which, out the door tax and shipping was $14.95.  


It took about a week to receive and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  The quality was as good as anything else I've purchased.  The pants are comfortable fabric and appear to be made well.   The drawstring on the pants sits low and has a wide waistband - super comfortable.

The top is open a little in the back and roomy.  Both pieces were pretty true to size.

That again was the introductory VIP special offer but I am willing to make another purchase based on my experience so far.  I have read a lot of reviews from people that had issues with the VIP membership, cancelling, being over charged, etc. so I will be trying this out again in February so I can update my comments and review the process.  

They appear to have offers running all the time!

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Old Navy


Old Navy

I'm really excited - Target has a new line of activewear!  


It's called Joy Lab and the picture on the right is just one of the fun colorful outfits available.  


Activewear at Target may not always be the least expensive but with their new line and a variety of choices it is definitely a go to.